Yayyyy! I Found It!

Ok, I have been stressing to find the designer who made Miss Rihanna's dress that she wore for the AMA's last week, and the designer is Mr. Zac Posen. I love this man he is such a cutie, if you never heard of him, i think you might need to do your research on him because he is absolutely F-A-B! He is a New York native so you know his swag is ridiculous!!!! Well this dress i absolutely adored, welp, i adored the whole outfit. Loved the studded shoes and the gloves set off everything else. Miss Rihanna swag has stepped up sooooooo much since she first came out with the baggy jeans and Chuck t's (remember that video). I've been a Robyn Rihanna fan since she stepped on the scene. Her transformation has been major and quite tasteful. Love you Ri Ri, keep your fashion on point GIRRRRRLLLLL!


T[N]T said...

Yes, Ri has definitely came a long way from the Pon De Replay days. Honey child is *snaps fingers* Fierce! Her swagger dagger is on point and im looking forward to what she brings in the future.

Courtney said...

Otay....this is thee thing...I LOOOVVVVEEEE RiRi's fashion sense right now...she shitting on a lot of females in the game right now....but that's the only thing I like....her voice is whateva to me...she sound better in thee albums(of course) than live @ award shows....I never really paid her too much mind back in thee day and all I really do right now is keep up with the latest and greatest in what she's wearing.....so as far as that goes...do ya thang girl!

p.s :this is dunnie's PSA-->to those of you females(and males) that attempted to get that RiRi hair cut...LET THAT SHYT GO PLEASE!!!! cuz unless you are RiRi, 99.9% of thee time it looks JUST DREADFUL! :-)