Welcome Back Ashley!!!!!

Hey guys!!! I hope everyone is doing swell out there in the internet world. Well for me, I'm content. ( listening to Brandy "Should I Go", this was a banger) I know I have neglected this blogspot for like 9 months, but I promise its not going to be like that any longer. I have great new ideas to turn this blogspot around, might do a new layout also stay tuned! If your following this blogspot spread the word, and if you not what you waiting on? I'm so ready to close this summer out and open fall with all the hottest fashion, music, and make-up trends out there! I'm so excited so let's get this going.......

Martin Louis the King Jr.

So Kanye debuted his new shoes on the runway for Louis Vuitton Menswear in Paris recently. NOOOOOOOOOOO! It wasn't those dreadful white, "sitting on the dock of the bay", duck hunting, boat shoes ( thank you Jesus)not these things..... but these!!!!

i really think these are hott, especially the red ones, FIRE YO!

Check out Marc and this damn kilt, i swear this is all he wears rite now, LOL, but i love him sooooo dearly! O yea Marc, i see you with the Steven Sprouse tribute stockings on. I likey alot!!!

Ri Ri, Again?

I so adore Rihanna but who doesn't, I'm sorry but I can't take no more of her re-vamping Good Girl Gone Bad. Today she released the Remixe's of Good Girl Gone Bad (smh). Iono Ri Ri but I think we just need a new album. Please let it go! I would like to talk about her lovely yellow dress she wore to the RIAA and Feeding America Inauguration Charity Ball in Washington, D.C. This stunning golden, yellow bubble dress by Jasmin di Millo complimented her very well but iono what's going on with her bust, but overall she looks gorgeous and her swagg was at 150!!!!!

Iono bout those shoes though, why green Ri Ri?

MCQ At Target!

Im excited about Alexander McQueen's new line for Target called MCQ. I read about the line coming out way back in November but was waiting to talk about it when i found some pics of the featured line. Welp, I found them, YAYYYY! The clothing looks pretty dope. The line is set to premiere in March. I believe that the clothing will sell fast, I know that I will be purchasing something! I hope the booties are included!

I'm Beggin' Yo

Ok, so everyone has seen the ADIDAS original commercial, the one with the bangin party and everyone and they momma in it. Welp if you know me i was paying more attention to the song then the commercial itself. I knew it was a remake because it sounds too vintage but the song is dope yo! I absolutely adore this damn song! I've being doing my research and i finally found the artist who remade this song. The group is called Madcon, and the song is called Beggin'. The group make up of Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam, two Norway citizens are a hip hop/rap band. They have actually put out 3 studio albums and this song can be found on the second album So Dark The Con Of Man. Seems they are well respected in other countries hopefully the USA can respect them also, because my brother and I LOVE THIS SONG YO!

My Top Golden Globe Dresses

The Golden Globe awards took place last night in Hollywood, and the ladies came out STUNTING!!! Here are my top dresses of the night! Beyonce looked fierce as always in a strapless metallic Elie Saab gown....
America Ferrera also did the metellic look, one shoulder dress by Oscar de la Renta....the dress complimented her well....

Eva Mendes went for the white dress by Doir, she looked fab.......

J.LO looked stunning in this Marchesa floor gown, but i'm not fond of this material, it looks hot, overall the style is banging!

Who is Charles Hamilton?

Charles Hamilton is a new and upcoming MC for 2009! I adore this fella so much! I call him the young Kanye, cause he has the swagg, and the right state of mind. The 20-year old is a Harlem native who is not backing down from any competition. He is a real rapper that's coming hard for that "respect"throne and he is not gonna stop until he gets it. Sign to Interscope records, his single "Brooklyn Girls", is getting much recognition. He calls himself "Sonic the Hedgehog" and I see why because he is moving rapidly into the hearts of real hip-hop heads. This is a person that everyone needs to be on a look out for. HIP-HOP STAND UP!!!!!

Birkin Bag Alert!

According to the British paper, The Sun, Mrs. Victoria Beckham was spotted on her way to Dubai with 122,000 Hermes bag on her arm. Mrs. Beckham's soccer superstar husband pitched over $122,000 (according to the article, the same price as an apartment in Posh's hometown) for a very rare diamond-encrusted Hermes Birkin bag called the Himilayan. Apparently, there are just three others like it in the world, its waiting list is closed (and four years long if you're already on it) and its clasp sparkles with hundreds of diamonds, including a three-carat stunner on the bag's signature lock. Damn and i was trying to get on this list (maybe in another 10 yrs.)

I'm Back!!!!!

Hey young world! I know I haven't spoken to you guys since last year but I'm back! We got get back on our grind cuz it's a new year!!! We got a couple of more days until Mr. Obama is officially our 44th President! This is such an important time in history and I am so glad to be apart of it! I am so excited of what this new year is going to bring! New music, artists, and even new fashion trends! 2009 is going to be a hot year and I'm ready to bring y'all that new flava for ya ears!!!!! Hollerz!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas to all my internet friends!!! I hope all is well and your finish all your shopping on this Christmas Eve! As I'm sitting here watching Martin(favorite show of all time), I was thinking alot of people disregard the real meaning of Christmas. Gifts and presents are a big thing but the birth of Christ is even bigger. So remember who is the reason for the season, stay blessed and safe this Holiday! Happy Birthday Jesus!
Now, i know alot of people are excited about opening up gifts on christmas morning, if you live in my household its more like 12:00 am on Christmas day(lol), anyways i know everyone had a wish list because i know i did. Its not big, just two items so let me share them with you.

Well, i love these Christian Louboutin python ankle booties, i need these in my life. My second item is of course the nintendo wii! Eventhough, the wii has been out for awhile but its still the hottest game console out right now and it needs to be in my household.
Welp, I hope everyone out there has a safe and blessed Christmas and remember to put Christ first!Don't forget to watch the 24hr. marathon of "A Christmas Story"(i watch this every year) Besos!

Beyonce's Two New Video's

BEY is back on her grind check out her new video's off her I Am....Sasha Fierce. She's a beast i tell you! HALO DIVA

Ms. Allen is back!!!!

Lily Allen was spotted earlier this month wearing wearing a gorgeous Armand Basi black wool dress. She was also wearing black YSL heels with a Chanel purse. Lily's wardrobe is adored by me so much! I loved the puffy dresses with air max's, I thought it was very unique! I know she is releasing her new album next year and i can't wait! I'm so glad she faded back to black with the hair, its a good look for her. Go head girl, glad your back!

Oscar Nomination????

This past Saturday me and the girls went to see Cadillac Records, what a great movie. Anyways, i was so impress of the acting in this movie. Congrats to Ms. Sasha on being so fierce in this movie. Her acting was so out the norm. I was so proud of her and i loved everything that came out her mouth, the girl was on fire. I really think she should be nominated for an Oscar because her performance was stunning. Go on BE, I'm going to stay supporting you! Another character that out-shined was Columbus Short aka Lil Walter. He was amazing! I loved his character so much, he was just to damn real. Columbus really went outside the box for this movie. Honestly, i think he should get nominated also. Plus, he's a cutie and can dance his ass off. I adore him. I did read that the movie will be nominated for an Oscar for their wardrobe. I have to admit the vintage fashion was on point. For Chicago to be known as the best dressed city in the U.S., this movie represented that. If you haven't seen this movie yet, go see it, its worth every penny. The cast did a great job , the acting was unbelievable, and it deals with music so check it out!

New Music Tuesday

Hey guys, i haven't talk to y'all in a week....how cruel of me, rite? Anyways, i got the new releases of albums for y'all today.... 1. Common- Universal Mind Control 2. Brandy- Human 3. Avant- Avant 4. Musiq- On My Radio I believe these albums will be hot! Do you guys think that Brandy will make good comeback, What ya think? Leave ya feedback and get your new music!

Tuesday Nite Wrap-Up

So last night i watched a million and one shows...lol...I watched Ms. Keyshia Cole, the show was alrite but i could of past. Now you know i had to watch my boys afterwards. I really love Brothers to Brutha, i love how they actually have some type of drama and every show. I enjoyed the show last night, especially when they sung my favorite song of all time, "These my brothers and i love them just like myself", i adore them...lol. I did watch the new season of Bad Girls Club 3. Wow, this is going to be very interesting. Too many ditzy girls on this season. Of course its always gotta be a complicated black girl on these type of shows, but hey that's life. So far, season 2 was thee best. Do guys think this season is going to be better? I don't know, but it betta "Pop Off, Son". Last but not least, i watched my favorite show out right now and its called "BLUSH". This is such a fab show. This show is basically looking for America's next make-up artist. Mo was eliminated last night, so this means the remaining four are going to be going head to head because they have major skills. The show comes on lifetime at 10pm on Tuesdays. Check it out!