Fall and Winter Trends!!!!

So if you live in Los Angeles, CA, you know that our Fall just started last week(LOL), but really Winter will be here in two weeks. I'm going to share with you guys my top 3 fav's for Fall and Winter. Ok, im so in love with opaque tights with cute lil skirts or dresses, this trend has actually been out for a minute but everyone is catching on to it. I'm especially feeling colored tights now. I know H&M have all colors and they come in packs also. Think of all those fly skirts and dresses you bought this Summer, you can continue to wear them throughout the year, just put on a pair of tights with a cute cropped sweater or jacket. Booties are the must haves for this season. I adore these sooooo much. Every designer has a pair. I love Dolce Vita's, especially the grey cut out ones, but my first choice would have to be the Gucci studded pair! I feel in love with them since the first time my eye encountered them...Lol...They're very original because now every designer wants to put studs on their shoes ( UMMMMMM NO!) Booties looks great with any and everything, Gals get you a pair! Last but not least, the metallic nail polish! I love this trend! Beyonce was the first to rock it in the "Upgrade U" video and i adored it then. It looks great with short nails. Ladies the long "coko" nails from "SWV" ARE NOT IN STYLE ANYMORE!!!! Ughhhhh i have been seeing this style for a couple of months now, wtf!!!! NO!!!! Anyways, the metallic nail polish is freakin hot! Chanel has a cute color called "Kaleidoscope", and Doir has a color called "Gold Nugget", both are gorgeous! Leather gloves, hats, girly trench coats, bomber jackets, and horse back riding boots are mos def items to look out for this season. Happy Shopping!!!!!


Courtney said...

yESSSSSSSS!!! all these trends are hot right now....express has some really cute tights right now and so does my favorite store(Urban outfiTTers)...as far as thee nail polish that's the chanel color I was talking bout....and I found out that @ certain nail shops they can put a coating over your nails that gives you that metallic look...and as far as booties...I love em....the studded gucci's I love but the knock offs...I can't do....and I also can't do the scuffed red bottoms...another dreadful momento!


go head ashleees you so get it! haha...i love the classy and classic looks for this winter im in the country but my spirit is in l.a lol gimme some looks for the snow its like 20 degrees out here and tights alone will not cut it...thanks lol

MaryBeth said...

Hey Ash,
I total love your blog. Mac has some hot polishes that I've been rocking over black. Love the tights advice. Colors and textures are super bomb. And Dami I'm a STL native so try bomb turtle and cowl neck sweater. They go great with skirts, tights, botties, and trousers. Ash I have always loved your style. Now I get a peek in your mind lol. Stay $テ●●℗ÏÐ FЯΣ$h .
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