Oscar Nomination????

This past Saturday me and the girls went to see Cadillac Records, what a great movie. Anyways, i was so impress of the acting in this movie. Congrats to Ms. Sasha on being so fierce in this movie. Her acting was so out the norm. I was so proud of her and i loved everything that came out her mouth, the girl was on fire. I really think she should be nominated for an Oscar because her performance was stunning. Go on BE, I'm going to stay supporting you! Another character that out-shined was Columbus Short aka Lil Walter. He was amazing! I loved his character so much, he was just to damn real. Columbus really went outside the box for this movie. Honestly, i think he should get nominated also. Plus, he's a cutie and can dance his ass off. I adore him. I did read that the movie will be nominated for an Oscar for their wardrobe. I have to admit the vintage fashion was on point. For Chicago to be known as the best dressed city in the U.S., this movie represented that. If you haven't seen this movie yet, go see it, its worth every penny. The cast did a great job , the acting was unbelievable, and it deals with music so check it out!

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Jus2BExact said...

MISS ASHLEY I believe this was a hit GIRL!!!!