Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas to all my internet friends!!! I hope all is well and your finish all your shopping on this Christmas Eve! As I'm sitting here watching Martin(favorite show of all time), I was thinking alot of people disregard the real meaning of Christmas. Gifts and presents are a big thing but the birth of Christ is even bigger. So remember who is the reason for the season, stay blessed and safe this Holiday! Happy Birthday Jesus!
Now, i know alot of people are excited about opening up gifts on christmas morning, if you live in my household its more like 12:00 am on Christmas day(lol), anyways i know everyone had a wish list because i know i did. Its not big, just two items so let me share them with you.

Well, i love these Christian Louboutin python ankle booties, i need these in my life. My second item is of course the nintendo wii! Eventhough, the wii has been out for awhile but its still the hottest game console out right now and it needs to be in my household.
Welp, I hope everyone out there has a safe and blessed Christmas and remember to put Christ first!Don't forget to watch the 24hr. marathon of "A Christmas Story"(i watch this every year) Besos!