I'm Beggin' Yo

Ok, so everyone has seen the ADIDAS original commercial, the one with the bangin party and everyone and they momma in it. Welp if you know me i was paying more attention to the song then the commercial itself. I knew it was a remake because it sounds too vintage but the song is dope yo! I absolutely adore this damn song! I've being doing my research and i finally found the artist who remade this song. The group is called Madcon, and the song is called Beggin'. The group make up of Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam, two Norway citizens are a hip hop/rap band. They have actually put out 3 studio albums and this song can be found on the second album So Dark The Con Of Man. Seems they are well respected in other countries hopefully the USA can respect them also, because my brother and I LOVE THIS SONG YO!

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