New Release Tuesday

So its alot of new music that came out today, but im going to give y'all a couple of new releases today that might spark YOUR interest.
1. Akon - Freedom
2. Britney Spears- Circus
3. Cadillac Records Sondtrack
I think "Freedom" is going to be cool. Akon suprises me sometimes with his music. Hopefully he can suprise me for "Freedom" being a good album. I like Akon, i like how he experiments with all types of music. I guess that's why he is "So Paid".
Ms. Britney, welp all i can say is that I think this album is going to be a banger!(hopefully) Iam happy that she has finally came back to earth. The girl was gone, but it wasn't in her control. I did get to catch her documentary on MTV sunday, and it was very sad. Britney i wish you much success, stay on God's path girl!
Cadillac Records Soundtrack is going to be a classic 'cause it consist of Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. Real talk, anything with oldies will get my attention anytime. Hopefully it gets yours also. Check out the movie on December 5th, starring Adrien Brody(cutie), Mos Def (cutie also), and Mrs. Knowles-Carter herself (get 'em girl).
Go in purchase these items asap y'all!

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